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“A Centre of Excellence for Creativity and Wellbeing Inclusive to All”


SURF Award Finalist 

Creative Regeneration 2018

The Organisation

Reachout is an innovative and inclusive award winning charity which has been delivering creative opportunities, education and wellbeing to local communities aged 16 – 80 years experiencing life's challenges, mental ill health and disability since 1993. Using expressive arts as the vehicle; the service delivery model promotes informed wellbeing choices and mental health awareness to maintain wellbeing and prevent relapse.











The goal for Creative Communities is to create access to high quality creative programmes promoting great art and inclusive practices, knowledge and learning, ensuring that people experiencing mental ill health, learning and physical disabilities have active and influential experiences ‘alongside others’ to build resilience as a route to recovery and maintaining wellbeing.

A Unique & Valuable Resource


Reachout ensures a safe & friendly environment for local people to get involved in a wide range of expressive arts and wellbeing activities, experience creativity, meet new people and discover hidden talent.

Our Values

Integrity   |   Equality   |   Trust


Reachout advocates a strengths based approach starts with the premise that all of us have something to offer, including people who need support to participate fully in the community. Reachout is self-managed by members, giving them sense of ownership and commitment is a significant factor in Reachout success.

The Service

Access to expressive and creative arts and wellbeing opportunities delivered by professional artists for adults aged 16+.

Our self-help service removes isolation and mutual support enables individuals to learn better ways to handle common problems such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, poor sleep and panic attacks through expressive creative workshops.


Reachout promotes improved self-acceptance, a structured day and aspirations to enable a route to recovery and for some eventual return to the workplace.





You can now raise free funds for Reachout through Give As You Live. 

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Referral Process

Reachout works with a range of statutory and non-statutory partners who refer clients

to Reachout.


We invite referrers to contact us to find out more or make an appointment.

To self-refer to the service please first contact the Reachout team.

You can contact us here.

Or find out more about membership here


All staff, members and volunteers should be aware of, and adhere to, the following policies while in the Reachout studio.

Child Protection Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adult Policy