Painting Gallery

Our painting sessions use a wide variety of paints including watercolour, acrylic, oil and spray painting. Using different painting techniques, we aim to allow our members to get expressive, experimental, and creative. There are many positive benefits working with clay can have on an individual including:

  • boosts self-esteem
    The reward of growing and expanding artistic skills creates a sense of accomplishment.


  • encourages optimistic outlook
    Both painting and drawing can help members to be attuned with an aesthetic of the visual world and enhance their appreciation of the beauty in and of life. Embracing the beauty around you gives you a more positive outlook of the world and can improve general wellbeing.


  • improves focus and being present
    Working with painting allows members to escape the worries of life and shift focus towards creating. Being able to fully focus on something helps members to be present, allows their mind to relax – much like meditation.


If you or someone you know would benefit from our painting sessions, please fill in our online referral form by clicking the purple button below: