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Partnership Gallery

“This is great for them. It’s a space they can come and be themselves, make friends, have fun and see what they are really capable of.” - Wellbeing Scotland staff feedback


Wellbeing Scotland are a voluntary organisation with services across Scotland that provide a wide range of holistic services for individuals and families whose life experiences have impacted negatively on their wellbeing. They offer client centred, holistic, trauma informed therapeutic services and have specialism in abuse and trauma work which has been built up since 1994.

Wellbeing Scotland work with both children and adults and have services in various areas of Scotland and are working towards providing support to individuals in all areas of Scotland.  


“I feel like I’m in art heaven here, and I’m listened to. I’m trying to hide how excited I am to be here but I feel like I am glistening inside.” - participant feedback


If you are interested in partnering with us please get in touch by clicking the purple button below: 

“When I’m at home I always think I can’t do things like this, but when I come here I realised I can and its fun.” - participant feedback


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