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“My husband really enjoyed making things with clay.  He has remembered about it and talks about going back to paint them. On the day, we were both relaxed and this lasted throughout the day.” - carer feedback

The Carers Centre provides information and support to carers of all ages living in Falkirk district and Clackmannanshire. Through our partnership with The Carers Centre we provide carers and their cared for person a space to be creatively independent, allowing things to happen based on curiosity and imagination.  

Our programmes aim to engage all 5 senses providing calming and stimulating activities which has been shown to:

  • increase social interaction

  • reduce anxiety

  • increase brain stimulation

  • increase feelings of self-worth and accomplishment

  • reduce aggressive and restless behaviours

All of which are common effects of conditions experienced by participants in this programme, for example Dementia, and other neurodiverse conditions. 

The combination of our method and approach allows participants to experience new ways of feeling and being in the moment, and can help promote specifically the older generation’s well-being alongside more traditional services like befriending and lunch clubs.

The feedback we have received from participants and families tell us of the benefits of engaging in our programme and the demand for further sessions.


“I love to paint, but since my partner passed away I haven’t had the motivation to do any. Coming here this morning has helped with that, and I think I’ll start painting again.” - participant feedback


Carers And Cared For Person

“I really enjoyed that, thank you so much. It was so relaxing!” - carer feedback

“I’m going to buy a bag of clay now and try this at home” -  participant feedback



“ Really enjoyed printing, so relaxing and stress free”” - carer feedback

“Always good. Interesting to learn a new skill and have the courage to try it. Very enjoyable. Thank you!” -  participant feedback

If you are interested in partnering with us please get in touch by clicking the purple button below: 

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