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Members Workshops, Activities and More!

To provide structure, routine and high quality creative experiences for our members we no longer offer a drop in service 5 days a week.

If you would like to attend one of our workshops or Creative Spaces please get in touch to book a space. Alternatively look for an Open Creative Space, which does not need to be booked in advance (most Friday afternoons).


Important Update To Our Service

To ensure everyone accessing our service has a positive experience we have procedures in place that all staff, members and support workers should follow, including our Code of Conduct’.

(taking place in the studio) 

Each workshop has a particular focus or theme and they will be led by a member of Reachout staff, a volunteer or a sessional artist. There will be a limited number of spaces available on each workshop and places must be booked in advance. 

Workshops may be:
- a one off workshop (only one session, usually between 1-2 hours)
- part of a block (e.g. 4 x two hour sessions taking place once a week over 4 weeks) you would be required to attend all workshops in a block to complete the activity
- a rolling workshop (the same session repeated every week or a few times a week) you can attend one or more sessions if you wish

For more information about each workshop please click on the title of the workshop in the calendar above. 


 ‘Creative Spaces’ are available to book for members working on personal art projects at home who would like a space to work and maybe some advice from our studio team.

If you are a supported member you would be required to bring your carer/support worker with you.

This is an opportunity to develop your own current work and socially distance meet with other members who are also developing their own projects.

When you contact us to book a space, we will ask what your project is, what materials you are using and if you are seeking advice from the staff team or just a space to work in the studio.

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