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Clay Gallery

Our clay sessions use air drying clay to enable members to create three dimensional forms and sculptures. There are many positive benefits working with clay can have on an individual including:

  • reducing stress
    The tactile nature of working with clay can help an individual to feel relaxed and lowering stress levels. Recent research has found that using clay can lower the stress hormone cortisol, after just 45 minutes.


  • encourages sociability
    Pottery can provide the perfect opportunity for those that can feel anxious in groups to gently reintegrate into these environments. Working with clay is largely solitary work, giving individuals the chance to work alone while providing the chance to socialize when they feel ready.


  • improves focus and being present
    Working with clay allows members to escape the worries of life and shift focus towards creating. Being able to fully focus on something helps members to be present, allows their mind to relax – much like meditation.

If you or someone you know would benefit from our clay sessions, please fill in our online referral form by clicking the purple button below: 

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