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Trystpark Painting Commission

'It been a great experience for everyone involved and will really bring so much to our ward. I can't thank Reachout members enough for working on this project.' - Trystpark Nurse Feedback

In February 2022 Reachout Member Rhiannon facilitated and led on a very exciting painting commission project in partnership with Trystpark Mental Health Ward.

Trystpark is an 18 bedded rehabilitation mental health ward for men with complex mental health needs who require care, treatment and rehabilitation in a safe and secure environment. After a renovation it was felt some artwork would help further brighten the space, and we are delighted to have been commissioned to create 5 large scale paintings.

While members were encouraged to take ownership of the creative process, Trystpark provided a brief to guide our members inspiration. Rhiannon led and guided members through the brief of creating bright, uplifting landscapes free of any figures or text.

First members had a discussion to decide if they were going to create 5 individual paintings or collaborate on one large work that flowed between 5 canvases. To ensure all members could create unique works to showcase their artistic style and talents it was agreed they would create 5 individual paintings.


Using paper in the same form as the canvases members then sketched out multiple ideas and plans of their paintings, adding colour to help further develop their final design.

Next members scaled up their chosen design onto the canvas and began painting using acrylic paint.


Huge well done to our members Rhiannon, Susan, Debbie, Donna and Steven for all the hard work, enthusiasm and support they showed towards one another throughout this project. And huge thank you to Rhiannon, Hazel and Fiona from Trystpark for facilitating this opportunity.






If you are interested in commissioning our members please get in touch by clicking the purple button below: 

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