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Animation Gallery

Our animation sessions use a wide variety of film making techniques including stop motion, collage, model making and green screen. Using different processes and software, we aim to allow our members to create their own short films. There are many positive benefits creating short films including:

  • help develop emotional understanding
    Film can be a wonderful tool for helping individuals to explore their feelings and broach subjects they may find it difficult to communicate verbally.


  • powerful means of self-expression and creative outlet
    Creating new narratives helps enable members to escape the worries of life and shift focus towards creating. Being able to fully focus on something helps members to be present, allows their mind to relax – much like meditation.

Visit our Youtube channel to watch some of the short films created by Reachout Members

Make Gallery

If you or someone you know would benefit from our animation sessions, please fill in our online referral form by clicking the purple button below: 

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