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Partnership Gallery

Collaboration & Skill Share: Animation

"This is great!" - participant feedback

Across the past 7 weeks we have been delighted to welcome Artlink to our studio! George, Reachout Artist Facilitator and Aya, Senior Development Artist & Project co-ordinator have supported both Reachout members and Artlink members to create unique animations, both collaboratively and individually.

Participants built model houses and populated a diverse street with unique buildings, characters, cars, animals, and more, all culminating in a short animation. This collaborative project fostered creativity and diversity, and allowed individuals to become part of a larger narrative, illustrating the beauty of diverse perspectives coming together.

During these sessions we were delighted to see Reachout member Rodney take a leading role in supporting some Artlink members who were new to animation. Thank you Rodney!

A follow up exhibition of the models and animations is coming soon!



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