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Anne Johnstone

Craft Facilitator

Anne Johnstone joined Reachout as Arts Resource Worker in October 2019 after volunteering for a while. The decision to take on this challenge stemmed from her desire to gain a comprehensive understanding of the behind-the-scenes workings at Reachout.

Having retired in 2015 from a fulfilling career in teaching within primary schools and nurseries, Anne reflects fondly on the joys of witnessing children learn, grow in confidence, and have fun. Anne’s teaching philosophy centred around creating a nurturing environment where students, parents, and colleagues felt confident enough to challenge themselves.

Transitioning to Reachout, Anne never anticipated being employed to share her various craft hobbies and explore new activities. Her commitment to fostering skill development and self-esteem remains unwavering and Anne firmly believes that attempting and learning, even if not entirely successful, is the key to acquiring new skills and building resilience.

Anne Johnstone
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