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Gillian's Story - Mental Health Awareness Week - - Day 3

Gillian has been developing her art practice at Reachout since Spring 2015. Her work focuses on cartoon imagery, capturing on paper and canvas moments of movement, energy and fun found in animation.

Gillian has also worked in text, having participated in a creative writing workshop, using her poetry within mixed media work. She has recently featured as Reachout's Spotlight Member Artist, showcasing her work as well as celebratingh the significant achievement of moving into a rewarding voluntary position related to her personal life experiences.

For #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek 2018, Gillian agreed to share her Spotlight story to help inspire others to do as she has - taking time out to pursue creative activities in order to de-stress and build confidence. And inspiring she really is!

I’ve been trying to get my self-confidence up.

Reachout helps me to do that.

Coming here has helped my practical and social skills and I’m very confident that Reachout will help me achieve my goals.

I’ve partly done that.

Just continue as you are.

I’ve been offered a voluntary position with ILS, visiting homes talking about my experiences of self-harm and mental health.

I’m nervous about starting the volunteering but I’m looking forward to it.

It makes me feel good to help other people and show them how they can face their problems by talking about my own experiences to them.

Coming to Reachout has helped me improve my confidence and made me feel valued.

I’ve become much more creative and sociable since coming to Reachout.

I like making pictures for Katie my Community Nurse because she helps me and knowing that she and others like my pictures makes me feel valued.

I like cartoon images and animals – they are uplifting.

I love vibrant colours.

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