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Gordie's Travels: Short film by Steven Hume

Seeing as its international train day we wanted to highlight Steven's amazing animation titled 'Gordie's Travels. [full video below]

Inspired by childhood memories, Steven brings to life the tale of Gordie, setting off on a train journey from Inverkeithing to the sunny shores of Skegness.

As Gordie boards the train with his bike in tow, viewers are treated to a sensory feast of iconic sights along the way, including the red Forth Rail Bridge, and various sounds of train stations and public spaces.  

The final scene finds Gordie, accompanied by his faithful companions—a dog and a cat—basking in the sun and playing catch at the beach. It's a testament to the enduring magic of train travel, where every journey is an opportunity for adventure and discovery.

Thanks for letting us share Steven, amazing work!


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