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Art in Schools: Problem Solving Pottery and Confidence Boosting Character Design at Redwell Primary

At Redwell Primary, the young people have been diving into the world of art, discovering the joy of pottery and the thrill of working with plasticine.

One participant started with crafting their own clay tea set. Using drawings, they played with different colours to find the perfect style. Later, this budding artist showcased impressive problem-solving skills while creating a clay cat dish, showing a deep engagement with the medium.

As our sessions continued, we ventured into experimenting with vibrant plasticine colours, where one young artist blended colours to create a mesmerizing marble effect within a ball shape. The revelation of the marble effect sparked excitement and admiration among the group, boosting the participants’ confidence.

The collaborative spirit continued as another student crafted an extraordinary plasticine character, complete with pink headphones! Beyond the finished product, this young person shared the intricate processes behind bringing the character to life, including the strategic blending of blue and green to achieve the eye colour.

Our creative sessions at Redwell go beyond being a creative outlet. They provide a platform for nurturing problem-solving skills, promoting adaptability, and fostering a sense of community among our young learners.

With more sessions ahead, we're already amazed at the progress made by the young people. The journey so far highlights the incredible potential that art holds in shaping the minds of our youth.


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