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Stirling's Wallace Monument: A Brushstroke of History in Watercolour

Our talented Reachout member, Christina, has created this stunning watercolour that brings the Wallace Monument in Stirling to life, capturing not just an image, but a moment in time.

Christina's keen eye has skilfully portrayed the play of light in her work, transporting us to the very spot. The use of varying tones of blue and violet on the right side of the Wallace Monument is nothing short of a visual feast, not only emphasising the direction of light but also celebrating the shapes on the monument's surface.

The sky, created with gentle yet effective watercolour washes of pinks and greys delicately highlight the Scottish sky's softness during the transition from day to night. In this piece, Christina doesn't just capture the beauty of the landscape; but also the rich history of Scotland through a local landmark.

A limited edition print of Christina's painting is available to purchase for £20.00. Get in touch for more information.

A huge thank you to Christina for generously sharing her remarkable talent with us! This watercolour is a true gem that beautifully fuses art, history, and the Scottish spirit.


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