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Hoops and Hues: Colin's Slam Dunk in Watercolour Painting

Reachout member Colin has recently taken on a new challenge of creating beautiful watercolour paintings of all the National Basketball Association (NBA) teams. His goal is to paint all 30 NBA teams, and so far, he has created works celebrating the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Orlando Magic, and Boston Celtics.

Colin’s inspiration comes from the vibrant colours of the teams' strips. As a basketball fan, he enjoys watching games and translates this into his artwork. Each painting features the Nike sponsor’s tick logo in the corner of the strip, just like on the actual uniforms. Colin includes the team name and a randomly chosen number on each top, highlighting the individuality of each player without representing his favourite ones. He creatively places the full team name below each top in the team’s colours.

Recently, Colin has been experimenting with layering watercolour pencils to achieve the exact colours he’s looking for. Colin feels this project has tested his drawing ability, and he proudly notes improvements in his skills. Well done Colin!


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