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Crafting for a Cause: Reachout Members Extend Support to Town Break Dementia Community

Over the past few months, a compassionate group of Reachout members has been crafting sensory tools to aid Town Break Dementia Support, a vital community for individuals affected by dementia.

Reachout members have utilised their creativity to craft a diverse range of sensory aids, ranging from musical instruments to fiddle blankets, and handmade bean bags filled with a variety of materials including lentils and rice.

Recently, Lesley from Town Break paid a visit to our studio to meet some of the makers and collect these thoughtful items. During her visit, Lesley engaged in meaningful conversations with our members about the experiences of living with dementia, the invaluable benefits these tools offer, and the potential future opportunities to continue crafting for good causes.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every member for their dedication, hard work, and kindness throughout this project. Special appreciation goes out to Robyn, Sandra, Catherine, Donna, Hazel, Fiona, Laurie and Susan for their invaluable contributions!


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