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Catriona's Exploration and Discovery within Linocut Printing

Catriona, a new Reachout member, has found immense joy in the linocut and clay sessions offered. Though initially unfamiliar with both mediums, she has enthusiastically embraced each step of the creative process, surprising herself along the way.

Her journey in linocut printing began with a bold and complex depiction of a tree (see above). Encouraged by her initial success, Catriona continued to push her boundaries, crafting a delicate bird for her second print, and most recently, a delicate waterlily.

One of the most beautiful aspects of artistic communities is the exchange of ideas and inspiration. Catriona found herself drawing inspiration from discussions with fellow participants of the linocut workshop. During one such conversation, a fellow artist shared a relaxing colour book image that sparked a creative flame within Catriona.

Catriona's creative journey highlights the transformative power of artistic exploration and collaboration, not only showcasing her own growth and accomplishments but also the profound impact of community support and shared enthusiasm.

Huge thanks to Catriona for allowing us to share her inspiring journey and her beautiful artwork. Reflecting on her experience, Catriona said "I'm really enjoying these workshops. I didn't think I could do it, but I'm really glad I can."



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