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Creating a Better World With Creative Sustainability

To celebrate World Recycling Day today we are highlighting the amazing work currently being done in our studio to increase how sustainability and environmental impact.

First up, we'd like to highlight the amazing upcycled furniture by our members! Using sugar soap, chalk paint and more, our members have saved tired pieces of furniture from going to landfill and given them a new lease of life with a chic contemporary finish! Huge well done to our members for the amazing encouragement and teamwork they shown one another throughout these sessions.

It can be difficult to see the potential in a piece of furniture but our members showed communal support, motivation and elbow grease! And of course the recycling of the items was great not only for our creativity but for the environment, because it reduced using new raw materials to create something new — saving money and natural resources.

Newspapers, plastic water bottles, soda, cereal boxes, and milk cartons are some of the common everyday recyclable items that have also been used in other creative projects in our studio! Moving forward we are looking to focus more on recycling items that we would usually throw away, to impact the earth and our lives in a more profound way.


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