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Sewn Together: Beautiful Hand Embroidered Floral Tote Bags

How stunning are Reachout Member, Robyn’s hand embroidered floral tote bags!? Robyn has used a wide variety of embroidery stitches within these works, some had sewn before, and some new ones she hadn’t.

The wide variety of stitches used has given Robyn’s tote a rich design packed with pattern, shapes, texture and colour. To finish off the bags Robyn worked in collaboration with a couple of other Reachout members, to learn how to line the inside of the bags with patterned fabric, using the sewing machine. After a few sessions, Robyn lined the inside of the final bag on her own with stunning results!

Not only is this a great example of the amazing work our members produce, but also a great example of the nurturing and supporting environment members create for another; skill sharing, confidence building and being creative. It's tote-ally brilliant! Well done Robyn!


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