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Katie's Story - Mental Health Awareness Week - - Day 5

Katie is a Community Psychiatric Nurse in the Forth Valley. Her job involves working outside the hospital environment, visiting individuals out in the community, in their own homes, out-patient departments or GP surgeries. Katie helps her patients work through problems and gives practical advice and support as well as monitoring treatments such as medication. CPNs like Katie can also specialise in certain conditions, issues and treatments, such as eating disorders, addictions or behaviour therapies.

Katie has brought along to Reachout several of her clients who she has felt might benefit from creative activities and the inclusive, supportive environment Reachout offers. She also participates in creative activities herself, because the Reachout studio is somewhere for all to get stuck in, including support workers and CPNs!

Over the past 18 months, service users from various community mental health teams have been attending Reachout weekly. For many there has been a significant increase on their confidence, self esteem and social inclusion. Reachout has enabled individuals to discover talents and skills they never knew they had. It has brought purpose and enjoyment to their lives. The staff are supportive and promote group members to try something different.

Katie Wilson, CPN

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