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Art in Schools: Boosting Attainment at Strathdevon

Last term we were delighted to facilitate creative sessions in Strathdevon Primary as part of our Creative Therapeutic Intervnetion for Children programme (CTIC). This programme, in partnership with Psychological Services allows children aged 5 – 9 years to get creative, feel safe, nurtured, responsible and respected in line with Getting It Right For Every Child’s wellbeing indicators.

Let’s take a look at some highlights of our Summer term at Strathdevon Primary.

“This is my masterpiece!”

The inspiring young people at Strahdevon Primary School used their enthusiasm, problem solving and determination to create their own short films, monoprints and more throughout the six sessions. Not only did the participants create beautiful works that they were extremely proud of, they also challenged themselves to new mediums and processes, while embracing the creative freedom. “They seem like a completely different child. They seem happier.”

Through this programme we witnessed some great positive outcomes including increased confidence, increased state of calm and increased attainment! School staff commented on the positive impacts of our sessions, highlighting the impacts on participants beyond the sessions. . Thank you to all the young people and staff at Strathdevon Primary!


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